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Whether you are leading innovation & changing the world at a global financial services firm, building the next big thing at a startup, or wanting to be part of an exclusive inner circle of FinTech like-minds who are discussing big ideas and topics, we have a plan for you.

We are Trusted Partners to Some of the World's Leading Financial Institutions and FinTech Startups.

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Exclusively for Individuals

100,000+ FinTech Innovators & Investors benefit from daily MEDICI insights, totaled by domain experts.

The Inner Circle is an invite-only membership for individuals who want to be in the know of what's coming next in FinTech to inform their next move.

Get access to exclusive content with real-time MEDICI insights on emerging financial technologies, trends, and startups; interviews with new disruptive founders; network of like-minded FinTech enthusiasts; discounts to exclusive events, and more.

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Exclusively for Growth Startups
Growth Plan

10,000+ FinTech companies benefit from a free profile on MEDICI.

The Growth Plan is for startups or established technology companylooking

Complete your company profile and get access to opportunities to be seen by potential funding and strategic partnerships, receive benchmarking data on how you stack up against your competitors, contribute thought leadership to MEDICI Insights, and more.

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Exclusively for Enterprises

250+ Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies and Technology Giants depend on MEDICI to build and manage their own unique FinTech ecosystems.

The Enterprise Membership is our most exclusive offering tailored to leaders at Financial Institutions who want to excel in their innovation, digital transformation + investment mandates in order to establish industry leadership in FinTech for their organization.

With this annual plan, MEDICI becomes an extension of staff and your strategic partner to accelerate your growth, optimize your ROI, and exceed your mandates.

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MEDICI Inner Circle

FinTech innovators & investors

The MEDICI INNER CIRCLE is designed for those who really care about the future of FinTech - and is especially relevant for investors.

With influencers like you, we can revolutionize this industry and create FinTech at SCALE.

  • Stay on top of trends, insights and latest developments to enhance your understanding of the ecosystem “in real time” for your company, your investments, or your personal growth.
  • Get access to carefully selected startup profiles, insights and trends in FinTech, and exclusive invitations to events, workshops and roundtables to help you stay in the know in this ever-evolving industry.
  • Participate in live interactions with our subject matter experts and guests along with a weekly members-only FinTech reports from our own chief innovation officer, who will share “before-the-bell” insights before they are published for the wider audience.
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“MEDICI is the network focused on FinTech. It’s the spotlight any startup is looking for. It also gives visibility and exposure to every stakeholder you can image in the FinTech sector, such as VCs, Financial Institutions, and global accelerators in more than 56 countries. As a leader in digital innovation for my bank, I’m very excited to be part of MEDICI’s network as well as a judge for the 17 innovations competitions MEDICI will host this year in Italy, alone. I have a saying, “The more I see the less I know. I think it’s a perfect fit to describe my feelings toward the possibility that will unlock for us.”

Matteo Rossanigo, Group Digital innovation Manager, MEDIOBANCA



A common goal for many FinTech startups is to make a dent in the financial services world by revolutionizing the industry through the technology or service you have created. As practitioners in this industry for decades, we’ve learned that the only way to gain real traction in this space is to get contextual visibility and share results with credibility and confidence!

We have the perfect plan for you that doesn’t cost you anything to get started, but gives you the opportunity to be FOUND and accelerate your growth!

  • Sign up for our FREE MEDICI Startup Plan today. It takes only a few minutes to fill put your company’s Rocket profile* and start earning membership benefits.
  • Compare yourself against your competitors within your FinTech value chain. MEDICI features 10,000+ companies categorized into 50+ segments and sub-segments.
  • Jump-start your company’s growth and ecosystem visibility with exclusive invitations to membership events and corporate programs.
*Your Rocket Profile is the in depth information that any potential partner who is scouring our database would be looking for to collaborate, purchase your offerings, invest, and more. This information is not shared with any other startups, just investors and enterprises who are looking for you. Sign me up

“Through deeper understanding of MEDICI ecosystem and network, Active.Ai is garnering ecosystem knowledge, evaluating opportunities for business engagement while focused on creating an ever expanding sphere of presence and influence in the AI space globally.”

Ravi Shankar, CEO/Co-Founder, Active.AI

MEDICI Enterprise


The MEDICI Enterprise membership is a tailored program for Financial Institutions and Corporations who want unique insights into what actually works as they manage their innovation mandates, with guidance on and curated access to well vetted technology partners to accelerate their growth.

MEDICI is backed by industry practitioners who have made it their mission to accelerate FinTech-at-SCALE. Working directly with 100’s of enterprises and 1000's of startups collectively over the last 20 years, MEDICI has the distinctive advantage of being at the center of the FinTech industry, curating real relationships on both sides of the FinTech/ FinServ market.

To learn more about the MEDICI Enterprise program, click here to fill out a form and get contacted by one of our regional client account team members.

  • Understand your biggest pain points and create a roadmap of products and services to not only help you build the next innovation portfolio that will differentiate you in the marketplace and impact millions, but also help you do so most optimally with maximum ROI on your precious investment dollars.
  • Source market-ready FinTech innovations that will integrate into your growth and digital transformation objectives
  • Gain insights and advisory support to build your innovations into truly differentiating opportunities in the market.
  • Transform your entire employee base into innovators by providing them access to leading-edge learning via a customized FinTech curriculum.
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“MEDICI - led by Amit and Aditya and their team have partnered with YES Bank towards setting up of YES Fintech, our innovation program. MEDICI platform's fintech access is quite commendable, as also global relationships built through good will.”

Amit Shah, YES Bank, Senior President & Country Head

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